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Importance of seeking treatment from qualified professionals  

BBC, December 2018 

Rachael was treated by a beautician and subsequently required emergency treatment to restore her health and appearance. She is an active campaigner for better regulation of medical aesthetic procedures.  


High Street Botox 

The Telegraph, August 2018 

The retailer Superdrug announced the introduction of injectable treatments within their stores. 


Non-surgical facelift

The Times, April 2018 

This article highlighted the use of injectable fillers as an alternative to surgical facelifts. 


Ways to look younger

The Times, April 2018 

Tooth whitening, alignment of teeth and botox feature in Shannon Leeman's top recommendations for looking younger.


Teeth Grinding 

The Times, September 2017

Teeth grinding or sleep bruxism affects as many as six million people. Treatment involves the provision of customised mouth guards, such a Sleep Clench Inhibitor (SCi), and, in some cases toxin injections into the muscles. 


Botox - a personal account. 

The Times, December 2016


Men and Cosmetic Surgery

The Times, October 2016 

The universal appeal of treatment such as botox and dermal fillers. 


Seeking advice from qualified professionals

The Times, December 2015

There were concerns about toxin and dermal filler being provided by beauticians and the risks posed to the general public. The importance of seeking advice of qualified medical professional was reinforced. 

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